The ECU images below are intended to get an idea and to show of which ECU it is. Furthermore, they could help if the question of the arrangement of the components is in the room after too fast disassembly or desoldering. The most frequently asked question in this context is:
"Where is Pin 1?". The photos shown can not cover all of the ECU revisions, so they should be seen as examples.




Circuit board top

Circuit board bottom

Processor position

EEPROM position

Pin assignment

Slot Pin Description Comment
T94 1 Ground/GND KL31 (Vehicle ground)
T94 5 Ignition KL15 (Switched power)
T94 18 Power KL30 (Permanent power)
T94 66 CAN-Low High-Speed-CAN (500 kbit/s)
T94 72 K-Line
T94 89 CAN-High High-Speed-CAN (500 kbit/s)



Hardware Name
µController MPC562MZP56


Type method R/W Memory starting from Memory size (Byte) Comment
RAM 1 diag 0x-- 0x--
RAM 2 diag 0x-- 0x--
Prozessor ext.Prog 0x0 0x80000 512KB
Flash ext.Prog 0x0 0x200000 2MB
EEPROM ext.Prog 0x0 0x1000 4KB

EEPROM dump setup

In order to catch data losses, the data is stored redundantly.

CRC function:

unsigned char dump[0x1000];

unsigned short getCheckSum(unsigned short dumpStartIndex,
                           unsigned short dumpEndIndex,
                           unsigned short blockNumber)
  unsigned short checksum = 0;
  for (unsigned int i = dumpStartIndex; i <= dumpEndIndex; i++)
    checksum = checksum + dump[i];

  checksum = 0xFFFF ^ checksum;
  checksum = checksum - blockNumber;

  return checksum;

OMI function:

unsigned int getOmi_1(void)
  return dump[0x156];

unsigned char getOmi_2(void)
  return dump[0x176];

//omi On  -> omiByte = 0x73;
//omi Off -> omiByte = 0x60;
void setOmi_1(unsigned char omiByte)
  dump[0x156] = omiByte;
  unsigned short checksum = getCheckSum(0x140, 0x15D, 4);
  dump[0x15E] = checksum & 0xFF;
  dump[0x15F] = checksum >> 8;

void setOmi_2(unsigned char omiByte)
  dump[0x176] = omiByte;
  unsigned short checksum = getCheckSum(0x160, 0x17D, 4);
  dump[0x17E] = checksum & 0xFF;
  dump[0x17F] = checksum >> 8;


unsigned short getWFSLogin_1(void)
  return dump[0xE7] * 0x100 + dump[0xE8];

unsigned short getWFSLogin_2(void)
  return dump[0x107] * 0x100 + dump[0x108];

unsigned short getWFSLogin_3(void)
  return dump[0x127] * 0x100 + dump[0x128];

Mileage of engine control unit:

unsigned long getKM_1(void)
  return (dump[0x502] * 0x1000000)  +  dump[0x503]  * 0x10000  +  dump[0x504]  * 0x100  +   dump[0x505]; //unit meter

unsigned long getKM_2(void)
  return (dump[0x542] * 0x1000000)  +  dump[0x543]  * 0x10000  +  dump[0x544]  * 0x100  +   dump[0x545]; //unit meter

Example dump download

There are lots of different software versions for the ECU. This is just an example.